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Bicycle Touring Resources Package

What are essential bicycle touring resources? What does it contain? Well, it's pretty easy. It starts with the right bike, followed with the how to start your bicycle journey. The next step is to stay fit and the last step is about how to manage to keep your expenses especially about hotels low.

This package contains it all

  1. The Essential Guide To Touring Bicycles
  2. The Bicycle Traveler’s Blueprint
  3. Bicycle Touring: The Movie
  4. Stretching For Cyclists
  5. The Ultimate Guide To Free Lodging

touring bicycle bookNeedles to say I got them all. Why? Despite having cycled since 1990, and in Asia since 1999, I can always learn more.

The Essential Guide To Touring Bicycles

Darren Alf wrote an excellent intro into bicycle touring, what bike to buy. Why and what you to look for before you start your journey. Does it mean it's only for beginners? Nope, it was a handy book that gave me additional knowledge about the why's and what's.

Although essentially the book is written for first time bicycle tourists, it's a handy need to know and remember bible.

the best bicycle touring book everDarren looks at more than 200 bicycle types and explains why it's good (or not) for your journey. Remember, a bike for touring is different than a leisure, downhill or race bike.

Bicycle Traveler’s Blueprint

I just wished I had this book when I started cycling. It would have saved me so many problems. When I got in contact with Darren Alf, I bought the book and wrote a page with my thoughts and recommendations about it. Here's that page.

Darren goes through the whole process of preparation, money, traveling alone or not, camping, hotels and much more. It's a very valuable resource for every bicycle tourist.

Bicycle touring the instructional movieBicycle Touring: The Movie

No interest in reading? The Bicycle Touring movie is your fast-track to learning about the basics of bicycle travel.

This isn’t a traditional movie with characters and a storyline. Instead, it is a feature length “how-to” film designed to teach first-time bicycle tourists how to conduct their first trip by bike.

Without reading a single letter you will get the basics of bicycle travel on your desktop.

Bicycle Touring: The Movie is a 43-minute video created to help you learn what it takes to go on your first trip by bike.

Stretching For Cyclists

Few things are more important on the road than to stay fit. Darren's Stretching For Cyclists is an excellent book with recommendations how to keep your muscles in good condition.

It's specially for someone like me, I'm over 50 years old, an essential book.

The Ultimate Guide To Free Lodging

In very much the same way that some athletes receive sports sponsorships, you can use a set of top-secret strategies to get yourself hundreds (and even thousands of dollars worth of free accommodations while on your travels.)

sponsorship and free hotel roomsLearn how to stay in free hotels, campgrounds, hostels and more!

Get the WHOLE PACKAGE in one!

What a package. Yes, you can get all these products separately but consider this... the value of this package is (in money) more than $92. In time and money saving ways it's much more. It's why I suggest you get the whole package for only $47!!


Every ebook/movie mentioned above has bonus products. They are of course included in the package which makes the purchase even more valuable. I have them all, and trust me, it's an excellent buy.

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