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Explore the beauty of Java, Bali and Nusa Tenggara

What about a bicycle tour in Indonesia? It's a magnificent country. Independent cycling is certainly possible but it requires time. For that reason you may want to book a bicycle tour. It gives you the option to experience Indonesia without worrying about anything and see things you might miss on your own. Just get your bike and start your journey!

East Java

It is really THAT blue...

What kind of tours are there available. We found some amazingly good bicycle tours. You will enjoy them:

Village Cycling - Bali

The tour goes through the backroads of a small typical Balinese village where you can see that the Balinese have kept their traditions and culture. You will find plenty of monkeys on your trails. This is your change to see some of the "real Bali".

Bali Cycling Eco Tour with Buffet Lunch

This is a day trip including

  • Cycle through lush tropical surroundings learning about the traditional villages and culture
  • Eco friendly guided tour
  • Scenic 3-hour bike ride
  • Enjoy a sumptuous buffet lunch
  • Hotel pickup and drop off

Total time for the biketour is around 6 hours including altogether 3 hours cycling.

Eco-Cycling Tour of Bali Countryside

Children in IndonesiaYou will be dropped under the smoke of the main mountains of Bali: Mount Batur and Mount Agung from where you will cycle through the countryside on old paths and lanes back to Ubud/Sanur/Kuta/Seminyak (depending where you stay).

On the way you will cycle  Riding through various plantations and the bamboo forest, visit traditional Balinese village like Penglipuran and visit temples like the Pura Kehen.

No worries for spectacular view, you get plenty of them. There is always something to celebrate in Bali and you will join a traditional Balinese feast for lunch in the Authentic Restaurant in the middle rice paddies.

Java Bike Adventure Tour (8 days)

This adventure tour focuses on East Java including a tour to the 2800 meter high Ijen volcano. Mount Ijen has A green glowing lake in the crater. There's 35 km long downhill ride to the ocean, followed by a trip through the jungle to the lonely Turtle Beach.

From Bali to the Dragon Island (15 days with hiking, snorkeling & sailing)

This is very much an adventurous tour. You will start at Bali, get the ferry to Lombok and cycle all the way through Sumbawa to the Dragon island Rinca (one of the Komodo islands), with the world-famous monitor lizards. If nature is what you want to experience, this is your tour!

Lombok IndonesiaEco-Cycling Tour of Bali Countryside

Bali has been very serious about eco-friendly tourism for many years. The 6 hours eco-cycling tour in the countryside shows you why eco-tourism is important to Bali.

Amongst the highlights of this tour are: visiting traditional Balinese villages and temples and an authentic Balinese meal in Gulingan which is surrounded by typical Balinese sceneries.

Flores Overland (14 days)

Flores has stolen my heart. I can not recommend enough to cycle at this island.

You will discover the places, which one would never explore on your own. Of course you will get highly experienced tour guides with best regional knowledge and contacts. What will you see? For example the Blue Stone Beach, the age-old village Bena, the 3 multi color lakes in the crater of the volcano Kelimutu, the traditional Arrak distillery and not to forget, the experience-rich meetings along our way. ijen mountain java

Optionally we can offer still another 2-day-tour to the crocodiles at the Terang River delta. This route can be booked only directly before the Flores Overland route.

If you really want an adventure, this is your tour.

Lombok Bike Adventure (9 days)

Lombok is a quite small island and in this tour you will experience the original Lombok. You will start at Bali, cross the Lombok-strait with ferry-boat, enjoy by snorkeling or diving for one day the Gili Island, before we cross mount Rinjani.

Ayung River Canyon

The day starts after breakfast with a relatively flat but demanding tour through rice-terraces and traditional villages. Before crossing the beautiful gorge of the Ayung River on a hanging-bridge, you will enjoy the spectacular view over the Ayung River Canyon. After you will visit the market of Payangan with traditional baby-guling and then roll through coco-plantations to the artist-village Ubud.

women in IndonesiaDistance: 34 km, alti-metre: 475, coating: asphalt except for a short carrying-passage in the canyon of approx. 300 m, length approx. 7-8 hours, a little condition necessary, we promise a GREAT TOUR!

Bike Tour to Menjangan Island National Park

This is a 2-day-snorkel-biketour. The day starts with a ride through the Balinese Highlands passing traditional villages and amazing rice terraces. In Candi Kuning you will stroll through a colorful spice-, fruit and orchid market.

This will be followed with visiting the beautiful water temple Pura Ulun Danu, an idyllic place situated just next to Lake Bratan. After the edge of the caldera the road will take you 25 km downhill by bike through the mountains with a breathtaking view of the Balinese coastline passing cloves plantations, colorful mountain villages and rice fields until you reach the north coast. From here the trip contues either by minivan or by bike (30 km) to hotel on the north coast.

The second day is reserved for snorkeling in Menjangan National Park. It starts with a trip by bike or bus to the National park Menjangan, then a boat to the best snorkeling locations of the islands Menjangan. The 50 meter high wall made of corals and the big variety of colorful fish is something you should not miss.

Temples of Bali
Temples of Bali

After snorkeling you will ride back across the mountain range to the south coast. The 30 km downhill drive through plantations and a visit to an old banyan tree can be done either by minivan or by bike. You will arrive at your hotel around 7 o'clock pm.

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