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Bicycle Shops in Bangkok

There are several good bicycle shops in Bangkok and further in Thailand. Those who search for good new materials or a simple service charge, do it in Bangkok. Apart of Chiang Mai and Betong in south Thailand, I have had little luck to find good shops but I admit, I didn't need them at the time.

In Betong for some minor repairs at the bicycle shop
In Betong for some minor repairs at the bicycle shop

Bicycle Materials
& Bicycle Maintenance

Never go out on the road before you have read our recommendations regarding the materials and maintenance of your bicycle!


You will find bicycle shops in many of the major cities in Thailand but the best are available in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. In the major cities at least some English is spoken in the bicycle shops

If you're lazy, you can even repair your flat tire in motorbike shops for a dollar or so. Remember to use very standard tires and tubes, you might get in trouble with 28 inch wheels or French valves (Schrader valves work always and you can pump your tires at filling stations).

Check my maintenance page for ideas what to bring on spares.

It's a good idea to visit one of the shops before you cycle further into Thailand to visit one of these shops. Servicing your bike can be as cheap as about $10.


Probike Bicycle shop in BangkokOf all the bicycle shops in Bangkok, Probike is probably the best known. It is located near Lumphini Park (next to the Cambodian Embassy).

Probike has almost everything you can possibly want and I have always found their service good. However, they're not cheap. especially for gear and clothing but bicycles are decent priced.

Over the years I have always had excellent service but apparently this is not always the case. Still, they have a huge range of bicycles and if you consider flying in without a bike and buy one in Thailand, this is probably the best place.


237/2 Sarasin Rd.,
Lumphini Pathumwan
Bangkok 10330

Bike Zone

Bike Zone Bangkok ThailandThe list of bicycle shops in Bangkok would not be complete without Bike Zone, which is located in the Amarin Plaza (2nd floor) near Chidlom Skytrain station. The owner, Fausto speaks fluent English and he has all you need and excellent service (cleaning is B300).


2nd Floor, Outdoor Unlimited Zone, Amarin Plaza
496-502 Ploenchit Road, Lumphini, Pathumwan
Bangkok 10330

Chidlom BTS Station (E1)
Tel: +662-652-1559

Outdoor Specialist

Next door to Bike Zone you find Outdoor Specialist. This is a good place to pick up panniers (including Ortlieb), tents and other outdoor materials. They have branches in Krabi and Chiang Mai.


Outdoor Unlimited zone, 2nd floor
Amarin Plaza
496-502 Proenchit Rd.
Lumphini, Pathumwan
Bangkok 10330
Mobile Phone: 081 634 6350

Velo Thailand

Reports come that Velo Thailand is another good choice. They're located close to Khao San Road (near Wat Sam Praya). The assortment of materials seems however limited but with a good English speaking staff and good service, it's worth to check them out.


88 Samsen2, Pranakorn,
Bangkok 10200

There are other bicycle shops in Bangkok, but these are some of the better ones.

Chiang Mai

Betong Bicycle Shop
Bicycle shop in Betong

Should you need a bike shop in Chiang Mai, Top Gear should be your choice. it's located at Chiang Moi Road.

The owner has excellent knowledge of bicycles and is able to get most of what you want although he might not have all in storage. I had the bad luck the shop didn't have any 26 inch tires I needed at the time. Had to wait a day.

 The owner, Tom, is a nice guy and, if time allows, happy to have a good bike chat.


Betong at the very south in Thailand (165 km south of Yala), is a place where I regularly come.

The shop has a limited range of bicycles but a surprisingly good range of spare materials which mostly come from Penang Malaysia. It's a good shop for emergencies and have a nice English speaking staff.

Although you will be able to find decent bicycle shops in Bangkok and in many of the larger cities in Thailand, make sure you leave Bangkok with a good prepared bicycle. You never know where you find another good bike shop.

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