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Bicycle repair kit

Everyone using a bicycle should bring a bicycle repair kit. Even when I was a kit, I had tube repair stuff with me on my daily 10km rides from home to school. A kit for cycling travelers should include:

The list could be extended with many additional tools but for a touring cyclist, in my experience, this is all you need to bring. (see also my page about bicycle maintenance)

Bicycle repair kit

A bicycle take along repair kit should contain at least tire levers, patch kit, tire boot, a small piece of fine sand paper and small rag, plus one or more spare tubes..

A small bag under your saddle is usually big enough to contain this small set. And you will never forget it too.

Bringing a spare tire is only important if you are going to cycle in countries where either you won't find easy tires or if you are using a bicycle with other then 26 inch wheels. In for example Asia it might be a problem to find 28 inch tires.


Bicycle Pump

Bicycle pumps are getting smaller and smaller. Nowadays I am using this pocket pump which fits comfortably in my handlebars bag.

If you are going out on a long journey, bring a spare, I have had troubles with my pumps in the past and a spare does not weight much and takes little space.

I found it easier to carry them in one of my bags then to be connected on the frame as this way it gets easily stolen.


Multi tools set

Your bicycle repair kit should include a multi tool set with # 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, & 6 mm Allen wrenches, # Flat-blade screwdriver and Screwdriver.

It is probably all you need when you are on the road assuming you are cycling on either a race bike or mountain bike.  (I have the Park Tool which is more than sufficient on the road)


Chain Master Link

A chain master link is useful if you have to change your cassette and chain to fix your chain at the right length.

You could include it in your bicycle repair kit, it weights close to nothing anyway and it might be handy.


Spoke wrench

A spoke wrench is essential if you get troubles with your wheels. Breaking a spoke or riding in a hole might destabilize your wheel.

Even if you are not experienced (like me), it's still worth to bring one to do basic repairs. In the next town there is usually someone who can help you out.

Tip: You can keep your spokes straight by hanging them inside your frame under your saddle



Lubricant is essential to keep your bicycle in good condition. I have always a small bottle of Finished line Cross Country lubricant which is for extreme weather and long distance cycling.

I have been using many other types but this one fits for me. It keep your chain and other rotating materials in good condition

Tip: Bring an old tooth brush to clean your chain


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