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The EBay bicycle pedals auction is a great way to find good and cheap pedals. But so is Amazon. What are you looking for? Compare the prices in Ebay and Amazon and decide which is of your liking.

My favorite pedals are still the Shimano pedals. I have several been using over the last dozen years, usually clip/clipless pedals which for touring are probably the most recommended kind of pedals.

Shimano is not the only brand having good pedals. But whatever you want to have, make sure it is comfortable and proper quality.

I know many touring cyclist using ordinary pedals and sport shoes, others, like me, use clipless sandals. Clipless has the advantage in the mountains, sandals have the benefit of keeping your feet cool (and with cleats, you win on both fronts).

In cold climate you want to use proper cycling shoes as boots are usually quite heavy. Overshoes might help too. Anyway, whatever you need, this auction will have it...

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