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What sort of bicycle computer do you want to use. The variety at the market is staggering. Especially nowadays. There are a few popular brands that seem to rule the market: Cateye, Sigma and Garmin.

I've used Cateye for years with a short intermezzo, so to say when I used a Sigma. Both are great.

I have at the moment a Cateye Velo Wireless + which is very good with one little problem, you can not add the old odo distances. This one does however generate info about produced calories and CO2.

Whatever you are going to do with your bicycle, it's most likely you want a bicycle computer.

For touring all you want is distance, speed and a clock as the bare minimum.

A nice little add is average and max speed and time cycled but in all honesty, I hardly use those attributes. So why did I choose for the Cateye Velo Wireless +? Simple, it was the only one available in the shop here in Malaysia.

Garmin has a beautiful bicycle computer with plenty of additional features including a GPS. For a touring cyclist, this might be worth the investment. I do not have personal experience with Garmin, but considering some users this is the ultimate touring bicycle computer.

You might want to check the Ebay auction below for some ridiculous cheap prices for Cateye and other cycling computers:

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