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Bicycle brake auction on EBay

Bicycle brake auctions offer you today's auction of bicycle brakes in EBay. Why consider buying brakes online? Well, for starters it's convenient. I for one live in a country (Malaysia) where I do not always have the materials available I would want.

What are the options for good brakes?

Well, we long distance cyclists usually will have V-brake sets. I doubt many will use hydraulic brake systems but I know there are a few who do have them.

Hydraulic brake systems might be harder to repair in non western countries but the system as is, is better than V-brakes. Who knows one day I will change my V-brake for hydraulic (although that will include also a new frame).

I doubt there will be many with older brake systems still going around but in case, you still might find what you are looking for in the bicycle brake auction below:

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