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Some people like it, others do not want it at all. Bicycle bags for handlebars or under the saddle. But when you are off for a long journey, spreading the luggage over your bicycle is essential. Small things like maps, some of the cash money and other small things you may want to use when you are cycling can be put in bicycle handlebar bags.

There is some discussion about handlebar bag versus saddle bag but in my opinion they serve different people.

Handlebar Bags


In the last 10 years I have had one handlebar bag which, I admit, is now in the winter of its life, so to say. The bag I have been using was an Ortlieb Ultimate Classic which can carry 3kg extra luggage. The bag

The Ortlieb bag comes in size L and M, I would recommend L because the M size is really small.

On top you can connect a map case or GPS cover. The handle bar bags have stiffeners to keep them standing and feature a rigid lid.

I bought my first Ultimate Compact in 1999 and had to replace it in 2011 due to be completely worn out.

There are many other brands offering excellent bags. Sunlite, Topeak and others.

Saddle Bags

The same story can be told for saddle bags. However, I was never fond of them as they take space away under the saddle I wanted to use to put my tent and sleeping bag. It depends how much luggage you have and how you pack your bicycle,

If you are on the road for a long time, you probably want to choose for a handlebars bag as it can easily contain money, valuables but also your basic bicycle repair kit and a spare tube.

It gives you some extra space under the saddle for tent, sleeping bag etc. so that these things have enough space.

Saddle bags are much in use by racers and people who travel shorter journeys with little luggage. But if your journey will take months, I suggest the handlebar bags.

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What kind of panniers you want to use? How many? Are there any suggestions to make what you can use and what to avoid? Questions to be answered on our bicycle panniers page.

My present handlebag bag
My present handlebar bag

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