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Betong, border town in the far south of Thailand

Betong is certainly worth a visit. Not only it's a handy border crossing with Malaysia but there are a few worth to explore sights in the area not to mention the last 50 or so km's cycling from Yala through the hills and passing the dam and lake, see this page for those details.

The Buddha of Pha Mahathat in Betong

The Buddha of Pha Mahathat in Betong

Betong is located as far south in Thailand as you can travel with the Malaysian border at just 8 km away.

On the road to the Piyamit Tunnel in BetongThe town has an attraction primarily to Malaysian weekend tourists. They come for cheap massage, good food and shopping Thai goods which are cheaper here than in Thailand. In for example Penang, tours are organized for locals to have a weekend in Betong.

Sights in Betong

There are some temples in the city which are worth to explore.

  • Pha Mahathat temple
  • Piyamit Tunnels (Malaysian Communist Underground tunnels)
  • Chinese Temple
  • Hot Springs

The Pha Mahathat Chedi is a beautiful temple and monastery with a giant Buddha taking care of the city.

Piyamit Tunnels

A trip to the Piyamit Tunnel, 17 km from Betong city center is worth the exercise. The complex is a small network of tunnels in the tropical rainforest made by Malaysian Communist. The Piyamit tunnel is the Malaya communist's base build for bombshells and storing food supplies.

Entrance Piyamit Tunnels, Betong 
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Charcoal preparation at Piyamit Tunnel Temple at the Piyamit Tunnel Jungle around the Piyamit Tunnel The Piyamit tunnel complex in Betong

Entrance is B50. Follow the path up on the hill passing charcoal production place and the kitchen. Here you get an explanation about the tunnel. Once inside you will find resting places, work rooms and escape route.

Work room in the Piyamit Tunnel Exit 5 of the Piyamit Tunnel
Inside the Piyamit Tunnel

Cooking was done in a way the smoke would not let the site to be discovered but layering the smoke out of the area. It took 50 man hard work in the jungle to build the tunnel complex. And considering the present situation, with a nice path leading up, it must have been a very difficult task at the time, without additional facilities etc to bring all the materials up the mountain.

Other attractions in town

Closer to the town center is a nice Chinese temple.

Betong, Chinese Temple, visiting the bird farm 
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The characters can be found on a temple in Betong

Betong, Chinese Temple Betong, Chinese Temple Betong, Chinese Temple Betong, Chinese Temple

The temple is reasonable new and very active. Worth a visit.

Betong Betong
More images of the temple and park in Betong

Thai Buddhist temple in Betong
Thai Chinese Buddhist temple in Betong

The Art Cultural Center

The Art Cultural Center is a little hidden. Apart of a nice collection of Buddhist architecture, the center is still in the process of being build (September 2012). Regardless, it's worth half an hour of your time to have a look at the art work.

Betong Art Cultural Center

Betong museum with some amazing artifacts
Exploring Betong museum with some amazing artifacts

Hot Springs

On the way to the Piyamit Tunnel, at 10km from Betong, you can have a relax at the Hot Springs. There's not a lot to see but the Hot Springs are popular thing to do for visiting local tourists.

Hot Springs Betong
Hot Springs Betong

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