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Betong to Kuala Kangsar

The road from Betong to Kuala Kangsar is one few travelers and cyclists ever take. Even locals hardly travel here except if they want to visit Gerik and take the road to Kota Bharu.

The border area of Thailand and Malaysia

The border area of Thailand and Malaysia, road is Malaysia, hills is already Thailand

It is a very good and very new road but without heavy traffic except when you come close to Kuala Kangsar.

This is a much ignored road in Malaysia. After the border take the first junction left, a steep though short hill leads you to a very scenic road for about 20km until the junction of the main road to Gerik and Kuala Kangsar (left) and Pengkalan Hulu (right).

The heritage home Penghulu Wan Teh near Gerik
On the way from Betong to Kuala Kangsar you will pass the
heritage home Penghulu Wan Teh near Gerik

Although you can stay in Pengkalan Hulu (the Hill Towne Hotel in the middle of the town is a good choice) I always prefer to stay in either Betong, Baling, Gerik or Lenggong. Even if I come from Penang, it's cheaper to stay in Betong and it's only 15 km total from Pengkalan Hulu to Betong (last 8 km all the way down).


On the way to Kuala Kangsar your first stop, like it or not will be Gerik. If you have not been through Pengkalan Hulu, here you can find Maybank ATM machines or change the normal way money. There's hotels and restaurants in town too.

Gerik can also be an excellent moment to visit orang asli villages in the area.

The little town of Lenggong with outside the town center a nice little museum

After Gerik, you can either go east to Kota Bharu or south to Kuala Kangsar. The first stop after Gerik will be Lenggong. Here you can eat but it has no place to stay. You can stay a little further south, 10 km to be precise in Tasik Raban. The resort is located next to the Lenggong lake, a very pretty sight (no online booking but price should be around RM 80). Unfortunately the resort does not have a restaurant, but opposite of the water, there's a couple of roadside stalls where you can get a proper meal.

Tasek Raban Resort near Lenggong
The lake at Tasek Raban and the Tasek Raban Resort,
a good stop on the way from Betong to Kuala Kangsar

Until Lenggong you will have to use the main road but after Lenggong you can use the old road. Follow it through Tasek Raban to Sauk and take the A157 left to Kuala Kangsar.

The small roads to Sauk, 20 km from Kuala Kangsar
The small roads to Sauk, 20 km from Kuala Kangsar

After a night in Tasek Raban, you can cycle a little back and follow the directions to Taiping. I do not recommend to cycle Gerik - Taiping (or for that matter, Kuala Kangsar - Penang) in one day as there is a serious hill to climb when you leave the main road to Kuala Kangsar (A6). It is however also a very scenic road through the hills and kampongs to Batu Kurau, Kamunting and Taiping. Recommended!

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