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Bangkok to Bali Tour via Malaysia, Singapore and Java

This is an interesting journey. Many first time travelers to Asia choose Bangkok to Bali as their first choice. The reason is easy to guess. Bangkok is an easy entry point with connections all over the world and for that reason it's reasonable cheap. The city is also a main tourist destination in Asia where people speak English, hotel standards at western level, many cheap guesthouses and plenty of good transport available to a variety of tourist destinations as tropical rainforests, adventure touring, paradise beaches and ancient local villages to explore the local culture.

3 Tours starting in Bangkok

3 tours offer you the possibility to explore south east Asia in a unique way.

There are many ways to travel from Bangkok to Bali. My first visit in Asia went from Bangkok to Malaysia and Singapore and when I was in Singapore, I knew the next year I would be in Indonesia.

In later years I have been doing the trip several times, for the most on bicycle. I say "for the most" as several times I skipped the Bangkok-Hat Yai area by train, not because it is not interesting but after several times, I thought it would be cooler to put my attention elsewhere.

South Thailand has a lot to offer. Many travelers think about South Thailand as only beaches and diving. Nothing is further from the truth. In the Phang Nga bay you can do fantastic kayaking and just north of Phang Nga you will find spectacular rainforest national parks.

Royal Palace in Bangkok

Royal Palace in Bangkok

Even the lesser visited area along the Andaman Sea north of Khao Luk to Ranong offers some amazing rainforest trekking facilities. The Andaman Sea has some amazing diving spots and Phuket is of course one of the prime tourist destinations in Thailand.

The same can be said about Malaysia. The east coast gets more attention for diving but on the west coast Langkawi, Penang, Pangkor and Malacca (nope, I disagree with Kuala Lumpur) deserve attention too. And in between there is a lot to explore (Perak) too.

Ao Luk on the way to Ao Nang, south Thailand
Area of Ao Luk on the way to Krabi and Ao Nang

A favorite is the Cameron Highlands with it's tropical rainforest and tea plantations.

Singapore, to me, is just another big (and very clean) city. If this is what you are looking for, Singapore offers plenty of fun.

Prambanan complex Central Java Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers
Left: Prambanan complex at Central Java
Right: Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur

Java and the road to Bali is literally paved with sights including Yogyakarta, Borobudur, Prambanan and East Java. I cycled it in 2010 after doing the same in 1996. In between I have been in Indonesia several other times. And yes, Bali with Ubud, Sanur and Kuta is indeed a wonderful final station of your Bangkok to Bali journey.

But what if you do not want to ride a bicycle? There are very good options for those who, like me the first time, want to explore south east Asia to get a taste of this part of the world. Yup, my first journey in Asia was not on the bicycle.

Bali, surrounding of UbudRoam Bangkok to Bali

The journey starts in Bangkok and leads to Krabi and Ao Nang before exploring Malaysia's Cameron Highlands. You will find yourself in Penang's heritage city George Town.

Malacca will not be forgotten before you travel to central Java via Jakarta, the crazy capital of Indonesia. At Yogyakarta you will visit the Borobudur and Prambanan temple complex and climb up Mount Bromo and sniff on some local culture.

Via east Java's coffee plantations and national parks you will finally find your rest at the Balinese Sanur beaches.

Roam Bangkok to Singapore

You will find yourself in the madness of Bangkok and explore some amazing delights in the city including Wat Pho and the Royal Palace. With an overnight train (very comfortable) you will find yourself the next morning in the limestone karst mountains near Krabi and Ao Nang.

The journey continues to Langkawi in Malaysia followed by Penang and a visit to the highlights of George Town's UNESCO heritage quarter. The next stop will be Cameron Highlands where you can do some amazing hikes. Via Kuala Lumpur and Malacca, where you find another beautiful maintained and restored heritage city, you will finally rest in Singapore where you can visit the Night Safari, Raffles Hotel, Chinatown or Little India.

Beach of Ao Nang

Beach of Ao Nang

Roam South East Asia

Penang, Chinese TempleAfter visiting the Bangkok highlights, you will find yourself in Chiang Mai including visits to Doi Suthep temple, cooking schools, hiking, bamboo rafting, bike city tour. A visit to hill tribes of north Thailand is included before you go south to the Krabi/Ao Nang or Koh Phangan beaches.

Visit Langkawi and Penang in Malaysia before spending 2 days in the Cameron Highlands. Next stop will be Kuala Lumpur. In Malacca you will learn about the unique culture of the Baba Nyonyas (similar to the Nyonyas of Penang), a unique blend of Chinese and Malay culture.

Next and last stop will be Singapore where you can visit the Night Safari, Raffles Hotel, Chinatown or Little India.

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