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Balik Pulau to 5 Way Junction (3-4 hours)

This is one of the more challenging hikes in Penang. It's not that Balik Pulau to 5 Way Junction is a very long hike but it covers some difficult passing through the jungle. The reason I dedicate another page to this particular trail is because the reverse trail is different and difficult to find. For the reverse hike, see this page.

Start of the trail in Balik Pulau

It all starts at the bus station in Balik Pulau. Should you stay in George Town, take either the 401, 401E or the faster 502 bus. Walk from the bus station towards the market and follow the road towards the hills. It's a dead end street but at the end (2 minute walk) there's a short dirt track that connects to the main Balik Pulau - Air Itam road.

Penang Island Catholic Cemetery junction

Follow this road until you find the yellow board: "Penang Island Catholic Cemetery". It's the second junction after crossing the little bridge, about 5 minutes on the road.

Penang Island Catholic Cemetery junction

The trail to your left passes the cemetery and swindles first slow and later quite steep up. You're passing several orchards of durian, rambutan, mangosteen, cempedak and other fruits orchards and farms. Once the trail, a proper tar road starts climbing steeply, you will get some fine views of Balik Pulau town center.

Steep roads

You will pass several junctions to your right, none of them lead anywhere than farms although the one after the junction covered by a gate might swindles up to the Ngoh Han Hill temple. I've tried this trail but the trail ended completely overgrown.

The gate

So keep on the main road. You will pass the junction which will lead to Sungai Rusa. This junction is a small path to the left and can be found by paying attention to the electric poles. There's also a small water basin at this junction.

The small river and rapids, end of the road

10 minutes further there is a gate. The main road continues for another 10 minutes to a small rapid but effectively is a dead end. That said, when I did the trail the first time reverse, I followed the small river rapids downwards. I strongly suggest not to try this stream upwards. If you insist, visit the stream and see for yourself why this is a bad idea.

The first part in the jungle

At the gate, open it and walk towards the house. Just before the house there's a trail to the left which leads up to the forest edge. Follow it until you see an open area with low vegetation. The trail gets a bit difficult to find but will show you when you set foot on it. From the forest track, it turns slowly right and continues upwards towards the forest on the other side (just 2 minutes walk).

Open forest area

At the forest edge, you have to look for the water pipes. At first it looks easy, open forest and a clear path. However. walk slowly and keep at all times in eye contact with the water pipe. This ain' t easy because the pipe is frequently buried.

Begin of the forest track

The overgrown and fallen trees make it even more difficult to find your way through the lush forest. The path is mostly leveling, so don't start climbing. The further on the trail, the thicker the vegetation. If in doubt, go back and keep looking for the water pipes (I had to do this trail 5 times before I could easily find my way).

Follow the waterpipes
Look carefully, lower middle you will see the water pipes

The path gets sometimes very narrow and there is always a chance to slip so be very careful. At some point after about 25 minutes you should arrive at a slightly more open area of a couple of meters in diameter. There seems to be a path at the left towards the banana trees which you can try. It's not really a path but it does the job sufficiently towards the steps, just a minute or 2 further.

The open area
The so called open area, look right for a "path"

Better and more recommended is to look at the right of the open area for a slight short path that leads along the open area downwards. It seems to lead nowhere and ends at a set of rocks. Climb on top of the rocks (just a meter higher) and turn right. You will see the small house just 50 meter further on.

The house
Phew, out of the jungle, back in the "civilized world"

Walk to the house and take a rest. There's no views though. To your left you will see a set of overgrown steps which lead steeply up to a proper tar road. Turn right and start climbing to the first shelter of a local farmer. If you run out of water, you can refill here. The farmer speaks no English but he might offer you a durian in the season.

Additional Febr. 2015

Recently the path has been cleaned up, a lot of the fallen trees have been cleared up and the waterpipes are now easy to follow. The path is narrow so you have to be careful. Once you arrive at a kind of open area, look for the stones to your right next to a large tree. This looks like a path but contrary to earlier, you can't climb up the wall of stones to your left. So continue another minute and a half through the banana trees until you see the hut (see photo above).

The farmer

Take a rest and enjoy the scenery, you can look all the way down to Balik Pulau town center but the higher you come, the better the view will be.

The gate

The road swindles steep up and might take about 25-30 minutes. The orchard is overgrown but produces still fruits.

View towards Penang Airport
View towards Penang Airport

Once at the forest edge, there's a small shrine and a good last view to east. With good weather, you might see over the hills and enjoy a view towards the Penang Airport. The last 50 meters climbing bring you to the highest point on the way to 5 Way Junction.

Arrival at 5 Way Junction

From this point on the road is in good condition though you won't see much traffic. You should arrive at 5 Way Junction within 25 minutes. From here you can continue to Air Itam, Sungai Pinang, Tiger Hill or back to Balik Pulau using the Ngoh Han Hill Trail. Should you want to do the trail reverse, read my report here about the difficulties.

5 way junction to Sungai Pinang map

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