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Our Bali Travel Guides Auction offers the cheapest Bali travel guides (books and DVD's) about Bali and all its islands you can find on the net. Everyday we have new offers.

Bali is a great cycling destination, it's a small island, which can be easily explored, has a moderate difficulty but you CAN make it more challenging, if you like and, the best part, outside the main tourist areas it's still almost untouched. Here is more about Bali:

Trust me in this, Bali is a cycling paradise.

If there is only place in Indonesia you have time for and you still want to ride a bicycle (you can easy rent them in Denpasar, Kuta and Ubud), Bali is the best place. And in case you need Bali Travel Guides, check the Ebay auctions, there are plenty of good guides cheap available.

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