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Ao Nang and Krabi

Ao Nang and Krabi are separated from each other by only 16 km. Where Krabi is the entry port to the region, Ao Nang is the beach resort. But what a beach resort it is!

Ao Nang beach

I have been several times in the region, the last time in February 2012. During that bicycle journey I came from Phang Nga.

This road leads through Tap Put and Ao Luk into the karst mountains scenery of which the area is famous for.

It was in fact so famous, even a James Bond movie (The Man With The Golden Gun) was filmed here and the island used in the move was renamed James Bond Island.

The result is that James Bond Island is now one of Phuket/Krabi/Phang Nga's most visited tourist attractions.

Getting there and away.

Many travelers arrive in Krabi by plane, bus or boat. The airport of Krabi (opened in 1983)is located 7 km south of the city center of Krabi and 22 km from Ao Nang beach. This is the transport service available from the airport:

Free map from the Krabi area
A part of the map of Krabi

Destination (prices in Thai Bath) Bus Car Van
Krabi Town/PP/Lanta Pier 90 350 500
Ao Nang/Railway/Ton Sai 150 600 1000
Khlongmoung   700 1100
Tub Kaek Beach   800 1200
Talen   900 1300
Hadyao   600 1000
Saladan Pier   2300 2800
Khlong Khong   2500 3000
Khlong Nin   2800 3200
Trang   1800 2300
Pak Meng   1700 2200
Kuan Tung Khoo   2000 2200
Phuket   2500 3000
Patong/Kata/Karon   2700 3000
Dom Sak Pier   3000 3500
Phang Nga   1500 2000
Khao Lak   2500 3000
Kho Sok   2800 3300
Pak Bara   4500 5000

Should you have brought your bicycle, you can cycle out of the airport.

The main bus station of Krabi is located at the junction of Highway 4 and the road into the city center, east of the city center.

Early morning in Krabi, riverside view
Early morning in Krabi, riverside view

Along the jetty for boats to Phuket, Kho Lanta and other islands, you will find transport to Ao Nang too.

Many travelers arrive by boat from either Phuket, Kho Lanta, Kho Phi Phi etc. You will arrive at the city center with continuing transport to Ao Nang available.

Ao Nang tourist town
Ao Nang tourist town

Ao Nang and Krabi accommodation

Ao Nang is a lot more expensive nowadays than Krabi. When I visited Ao Nang and Krabi in 2006, without a problem I could find accommodation for B400. In February 2012, it was still possible though it also seemed more and more people book via the internet and some cheap hostels and guesthouses were already full booked despite the off season.

hotel in krabi
View from my hotel room in Krabi to the river. The night market
is on this side of the river near the jetty

The Beaches

Ao Nang and Krabi have some of the most famous beaches in Thailand, especially Khlong Muang and Shell Cemetery Beach. There can be little discussion these beaches are very beautiful. Krabi town is not located on any beach so if it is the beach you want, you have to get 15 km out of town, see the map above.

Ao Nang beach

Diving facilities are limited in the direct vicinity of Krabi but you will be able to get boats to Kho Phi Phi and Kho Yao (some nice diving here). Around Ao Nang beach you will find some diving operators. In Krabi town near the jetty there are some operators but they are more expensive too.

However, if you consider diving, and you are planning to visit Phuket, you might find cheaper options there.

Ao Nang beach

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