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Agartala is the border town with East Bangladesh. It's a small city with a few nice places to visit. Unfortunately when I visited it was rainy season which limited most of the time my possibilities to do anything.

On the way to Agartala
On the way to Agartala

Ujjayanta Palace, AgartalaAgartala is not one of the older cities in India, still it has a history of several hundred of years.

The city center is dominated by Ujjayanta Palace, build in 1901 and was build by Maharaja RadhakishoreIan Manikaya. There's a light show in the evening.

Agartala sees very few tourists. Those who come usually continue to Bangladesh.

There is a Bangladesh consulate where without any problems you can apply for a 15 day tourist visa. The border with Bangladesh is only a few km away.

Unfortunately, while waiting for my visa, it started raining, heavy monsoon rain. I stayed in a comfortable guesthouse at one of the lakes which was inconvenient because it was a little walk to the city center, especially through the heavy rains.

Around old Agartala
Around Old Agartala

When I picked up my visa I saw in the guestbook all visitors had to sign that the last foreigner who had purchased a visa in the Bangladeshi consulate had been there a month before me.

I got my visa but the rains were so heavy, I decided to wait it out. After 3 days heavy rain, I decided to continue. In the pouring rain I crossed the border after which the sky cleared up and I continued traveling in Bangladesh

Agartala I stayed here at the lake for 3 day in the pouring rain
I stayed here at the lake for 3 day in the pouring rain

Getting there and stay

Agartala has an airport connecting the city to the main cities further in India. There is no railway station but there are plenty of buses going north to Guwahati (600km) and further.

The city has some good hotels but because of the lack of tourism, there's hardly a need to book in advance.

Late in the afternoon, more rain
Late in the afternoon, more rain

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