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5 Way Junction to Air Putih (3-4 hours, blue/green trail)

There are many ways to arrive at 5 Way Junction, see elsewhere in the website. The trail described here starts at 5 Way Junction and follow the same way as described in the Second Trail to Sungai Pinang (Blue trail). So, after 5 Way Junction follow the road until the first major junction, a wide dirt road (left) and follow this further up to the main 4 Way Junction at the pass.

Road to the 4 way junction pass

Now here you can enter the valley to your left. I've tried several ways but could not find a way out. So for this trail I wanted to try the opposite hill range and see if there would be a nice trail leading to Air Putih.

After the 4 Way Junction I passed the water tank but views were mostly blocked by trees. A little further I could make some better photos.

Junction to Air Putih and Sungai Pinang

On arrival of the hill range to my left, I left the main road which now would become a proper first narrow, later wider) asphalt road. I followed the path to my left. The path was nice and easy to follow. There were a few minor junctions leading to vegetable fields (keep twice left but in case of doubt, just follow the PTAC paper markers).

Trail to Air Putih
Keep left!

The path turns right and starts descending quite a bit. It follows the hill slope. On arrival on the other side, you will find another junction. Keep left and descend further to some farmer huts. This is about 15-20 minutes after leaving the main road.

View to Air Putih

After the huts the trail starts to become much overgrown and soon gets smaller until it is not quite clear where to go. The situation is that you have arrived at an impossible junction where both paths don't seem to exist. Nothing is further from the truth. Just continue right and a step down and follow the now single lane trail which is overgrown but easy to walk

Impossible junction
Impossible junction ... or not, the trail continues on the right side!

Several minutes later you arrive at what looks like an impossible to take block of cut down trees. At first it looks like going down is a possible option but I didn't like the steepness and slippery of the trail. So I gave the blocked area another view and found that it was very EASY to climb over the fallen trees!

Impossible junction
No way to pass ... or ... yup, just climb over the scrub without any problem!

Minutes later I crossed a small stream which I had heard for some time now. After the bridge it was all very easy. The cement path, though here and there a little steep lead me quickly to first a metal bridge (to the right) and a nice new build house.

Bridge over the stream

The road seem to end here and seem to continue further down. However, you have to pass the house and you're only a few minutes walk from the Ratanagiri Bhavanarama (Forest Meditation Resort) junction.

Bridge over the stream

At this point you can decide to continue walking uphill to Balik Pulau or turn right to Air Putih which is about 20 minutes away.

The house near the junction

Once you arrive at the forest edge, cross the construction area. Stay on the main road and don't go to the water tower. Once you're out of the construction area, turn right and follow the road out to the main Air Putih road. A couple of blocks further on the road, there's a nice Pedal Cafe on your left side where John Cheong offer some good food and excellent coffee with cheese cakes.

5 way junction to Sungai Pinang map

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