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Bicycle adventures are different than other kinds of travel adventures like backpacking and travel in tour groups. You will experience more in a country by bike than with any other kind of transport. Nothing beats the experience of traveling on a bike. Take only the simple thing that you can reach places other travelers can't come, not even with their own transport (car, bus, heck even a motorbike is limited!).

My bicycle on the boat to Langkawi

My bicycle on the boat from Satun, Thailand to Langkawi, Malaysia

Been there, done that and ... got the t-shirt

Everyone can ride a bicycle. Not everyone at first has the urge to do it. And fewer think they have the power to go on the road for a bicycle adventure. From personal experience I can say: "the first step is the most difficult". However, once made the first step, the rest will follow quite natural.

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Angkor, Cambodia


Some prefer to cycle on their own, others prefer to join a tour. One is not better than the other. Again, I've done both. And both were excellent experiences albeit different. So, I invite you to use my knowledge and have fun on the road.

Black Dragon Lake Lijiang

Black Dragon Lake in Lijiang as I saw it in 1997

Bicycle Travel Inspiration

Nothing is impossible! The weirdest and wildest places are there to be explored. More then ever in history it is easy to explore the world on bicycle because roads improve and travel to exotic destinations are easier. More than ever cycling is popular.

Contrary to some beliefs, anyone can cycle. No matter age, sex, race, yes even health, you can start your own bicycle adventure. See for example:

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The magic of cycling, explore cultures you have only been dreaming of

Cycling is addictive. Once on the road, it's hard to go back to normal life. It's not particularly the adrenaline but more the experience itself, the people you meet, the things you see, the food you eat, the smells and the sounds, that is what it makes so addictive. Therefore a bike adventure is more than "just a holiday", it's like "having the best job possible", it's life itself. This especially counts for going on the road for a long time.

This sounds strange for people at home but once you're on the road for more then a couple of weeks you will feel the "holiday" feeling changing into a "life" feeling.

Pantai MerdekaIn the last 25 years I have been on the road, sometimes with the bike, sometimes without but mostly with my bicycle. Sometimes I dropped the bike on a bus, train or boat.

Jim and I have seen many things. The things that gave me the happiest memories where not the famous sights as the Great Wall, Angkor Wat or Eifeltower.

It wasn't also the kilometers I cycled (now reaching close to 130.000km. No, the real happiness has always been the people I have met.

No matter where I was, I found people willing to share a little piece of their life with me, help me out if necessary or just have a cup of coffee/tea when available.

The further I drifted from the comfortable "tourist zone", the nicer people seemed to be. Some of my best memories are from places where tourists, not even off the beaten path backpackers would go because it required a bicycle to reach it.

  • In Turkey and China I learned what friendship meant.
  • Iran taught me about hospitality.
  • India was the country of contradictions in cultures
  • Malaysia gave me a second home.
  • In Indonesia I learned to enjoy the beaches
  • Nepal and India taught me how lucky I was being Dutch, and where I saw some true poverty.
  • In Vietnam I learned how to change bad luck in good luck

And all I did was cycling from one place to another.

My bike journeys are not part of my life, they are my life. And it might be the same for you. You may get crazy things happening, for example when your bicycle starts talking to you! It happened to me, see Jim's (my bicycle) story.

The old man fixing my tire with fishing net
Bad luck can happen, like here (2011) in Vietnam where
the bicycle repairman repaired my tire with a fishing net rope

Riding your bicycle will change your life forever, be prepared for the unknown, the unusual, the unbelievable and the impossible.... it all happened to me ... it will all happen to you too and you will love it as much as I love it.

Phi Mai Temple complex in Thailand
Phi Mai Temple complex in Thailand, visited in 1991 and in July 2013 (this photo)

But you have to start somewhere... so start right here!

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